ASI Technique

TOTAL HIP ARTHROPLASTY ASI (Anterior Supine Intermuscular)

The minimally invasive anterior approach for Total Hip Arthroplasty with the ASI (Anterior Supine Intermuscular) method is done with a small skin incision and without transection of the muscles that surround and support the joint.

This means that:

- Blood loss is less, so that a transfusion is generally avoided
- Postoperative pain is significantly less
- The patients can stand up on the first postoperative day
Very soon they go back to normal everyday activities, so that they avoid the danger of muscle atrophy, which is a common result of prolonged immobility

The ASI technique permits exact control of leg length during the operation, so that the danger of length discrepancy is avoided.
It permits control of stability of the joint during the operation, so that the danger of postoperative dislocation is reduced to practically zero.
X-ray control during surgery ensures optimal placement of implants.

The technique is suitable for all body types. Increased body weight does not affect the procedure, because the point of incision naturally has very little fatty tissue.

Total duration of the procedure is shorter than that of classic techniques

Advantages of ASI Method

Compared to other methods, it has significant advantages.

The operation is performed without section or injury to the muscles, tendons and nerves.

The ASI technique of minimally invasive Total Hip Arthroplasty is applied by Dr Ioannis Tsarouhas at Athens Medical Center

Orthopaedic surgeons wishing to watch or to be trained in the ASI technique, may contact Dr. I. Tsarouhas’ secretary:

Tel. +30 210 6464 744, +30 210 5011 717
Mobile: +30 6944 360 152